123 Magic Parental Course

Edleston Primary School are pleased to be able to offer you the opportunity to complete the 1,2,3 Magic Course in the New Year, here at the school. The course will take place for 3, 1 hour sessions, starting Thursday 11th January 2018, 2pm.

123 Magic is a behavioural enhancement parenting program focusing on effective discipline for children 2-12 (but can be altered to accommodate older children). It was developed by Thomas Phelan Ph.D, a clinical psychologist from America.

1,2,3 can be used as a stand-alone behaviour strategy or alongside your existing behaviour strategies you already use.

The basic principles around the 1,2,3 Magic Course are

_ To stop unacceptable behaviour

_ To encourage good behaviour

_ To manage Testing and Manipulation behaviours

_ To establish a peaceful, enjoyable family atmosphere

It can be used in the home, school and out in the community. It can be used in lots of situations, such as the following:

Stop Behaviours such as:

_ Arguing

_ Fighting

_ Screaming

_ Tantrums

_ Teasing

For Start Behaviours such as:

_ Eating

_ Doing homework

_ Going to bed

_ Cleaning rooms

_ Getting up and out in the morning

So, if you ever find yourselves in any of the above situations then this could be the course for you as an extra strategy to use within your home.

Pop into school for more information.


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