Aspirations Day

We are excited to be having our first ‘Aspirations day’ on Tuesday 11th February.

This is a chance for all the children to start thinking about what they might like to be when they are older. In KS2, they will also spend time thinking about what they need to do to achieve their aspirations, what might stop them and what learning behaviours they can follow to help them.


The children need to come to school dressed up as the person they want to be when they are older – it could be any job: doctor, zoo keeper, athlete, dancer, nurse, police officer, librarian, pilot, scientist, or even a Lego designer!


Visitors - Parents – we need your help please!! 


Do you know or are/were you….

A carer?                          An air steward/stewardess?

Ambulance crew?             A Football coach?

An actor?                        A firefighter?

A vetinary nurse?              A gym or swimming teacher?

A train driver?                  A hair dresser or beautician?

A chef?                           A zoo keeper or animal trainer?


If you have an interesting career or know somebody that has an exciting job [the ones above are just examples], then we would love to hear from you. We want to be able to inspire our children so that they can see the huge variety of careers and jobs that are out there. If you would like to volunteer your time to talk to a group or class of children, then please complete and return the form below.


Kind regards
Mrs Bagni

Head teacher


Aspiration week volunteers


I/ my contact would love to be a part of Aspirations day -  Tuesday 11th February 

Name of pupil they have a link to :______________________________________________

Name of person who can come to speak:________________________________________

Is available to visit a class or group of children:

Time: __________________________________________________________________________

Job: ___________________________________________________________________________




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