English Update in School

As you will know, the teachers at Edleston are constantly reviewing our practice and striving to raise our standards. Writing is a particular focus for us at the moment. We use a range of strategies to teach spelling, grammar and writing and we are pleased with the progress that the children are making.

Occasionally, we feel that individual children are not responding to advice or being careless with their spelling or grammar. For example, not spelling a word correctly that they know or have been given, or not using a capital letter for a name. In these cases, teachers may sometimes give a negative dojo. You will be more used to seeing negative dojos as a consequence of poor behaviour but we believe they can be used to promote good learning habits too. Of course, we will continue to give positive dojos for good learning and behaviour too and no child will be given a negative for genuine mistakes.

We thank you for continuing to support us and your child’s learning in school.


Edleston Primary School

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