Safer crossing around the school grounds.

Happy New Year.

At TSS we have responsibility for School Crossing Patrol in the Crewe area.

We have a School Crossing Patrol allocated to your School crossing at the cross roads Jubilee Avenue, Kingsway and Gainsborough Road.  ( Jean Tirrell )

The area around your school is extremely busy and the parked cars do cause issues for pedestrians crossing.

When we have carried out checks in this area we do find many students and parents cross  at the end of Denver Avenue, straight across Gainsborough Road and then walk to Kingsway.

In order to offer a safer route for students we would suggest they walk to Jubilee Avenue and Cross Gainsborough Road with the Crossing Patrol – Jean.


Edleston Primary School

Denver Ave, Crewe, CW2 7PX

Head Teacher: Mrs. Bagni

Telephone: 01270 685770