Sun cream information and news from Y6

As summer is now here could you please send your child to school with a sun hat and some sun cream, clearly labelled with their name and their class. Thank you.

We are unable to put sun cream on your child so if they are unable to do this themselves, could you please put it on them before they come to school.

During the next half term our Y6 will be working on a sugar project. They will be looking at ways to reduce the amount of sugar we all have in school [including the staff!]. They will be looking at the food we offer, and food that children bring in when it is their birthday to see if we can provide healthier options. This is in response to the Government who, from September 2017, are introducing a new healthy rating scheme for primary schools to recognise and encourage their contribution to preventing obesity by helping children to eat better and move more. This scheme will be taken into account during Ofsted inspections.

Any ideas, please write to Y6!




Edleston Primary School

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Head Teacher: Mrs. Bagni

Telephone: 01270 685770