‘Excellence, Perseverance, Success’

Meet the staff

Mrs R Bagni - Headteacher

Safeguarding lead. CPD. Assessment. Social, Emotional, Mental Health. Teaching and Learning lead.

Miss C Procter - Deputy Head/Class Teacher

Deputy Safeguarding lead, KS2 lead, Maths & PE lead, Teaching and Learning.

Mrs L Tomkinson - Class Teacher.jpg 1Mrs R Astles - Class Teacher - SENCO.jpg 1Miss H Fisher - Class Teacher(1).jpg

Mrs L Tomkinson - Class Teacher

EYFS lead, Phonics, Art & Design and RE lead.

Mrs R Astles - Class Teacher

SLT. SEND. KS1 lead and History lead.

Miss H Fisher - Class Teacher

(Maternity Leave) Science Lead

1EdlestonCB 114.jpg 2EdlestonCB 185.jpg 3EdlestonCB 003.jpg

Mrs W Spry - Class Teacher

PHSE and Geography lead.

Miss E Tierney - Class Teacher

MFL lead.

Miss A Simpkin - Class Teacher SLT

Curriculum, English and Music Lead.

1Mrs D Oliver - Class Teacher.jpg  1Mrs K Ferguson - HLTA(1).jpg 4EdlestonCB 073.jpg

Mrs D Oliver - Class Teacher

Design Technology and Computing lead.

Mrs K Ferguson - HLTA

Mrs J Thomasson - TA

5EdlestonCB 277.jpg 2Miss E Hutson - Teaching Assistant.jpg Miss S Begum - Teaching Assistant(1).jpg

Ms D Scoffin - TA

Miss E Hutson - Teacher/ TA

Miss S Begum - TA 

8Miss V Knapper - Teaching Assistant.jpg 9Miss W Sieron - TA.jpg 5Mrs L Maddock - TA.jpg

Miss V Knapper - TA

Miss W Sieron - TA

Mrs L Maddock - TA

Mrs T Kerr - TA

Mrs A Wain - TA

Miss R Summers - TA/Midday


Mrs A Edge - Lead Behaviour

Miss A Griffin - TA

Miss E Cross  TA


Miss C Hughes - TA

edlestonGS 056.jpg


Miss E Bradley - TA

Mrs V Green - Office Manager

edlestonGS 736.jpg

Mrs J Socha - School Bursar

Ms H Prevett - Clerical Assistant

Mrs J Bryant - Midday

Miss D Delaney - Midday Assistant.jpg

Miss M Brookes - Midday & School Cleaner

Miss D Delaney - Midday Assistant

Mr A Hassall - Site Manager

Mrs Carole Ridgeway - School Cleaner

Mrs J Whitmore - Catering Supervisor

Mrs E Kertolli - Catering Assistant



Mrs C Davies  - Catering Assistant

Mrs K Burgess - Catering Assistant



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